List of Saints

        List of Saints

List of the common Patron Saints I make:

Santa Ana ( Anne )- of homemakers, married women, grandmothers, good families and horsewomen.

San Antonio Abad ( Anthony Abbott )-0f brush makers, domestic animals, anthropologists and gravediggers.

Santa Apolonia ( Apollonia )- of dentists, dental workers and for good teeth.

San Andreas ( Andrew )- of fishermen

San Alberto ( Albert )-of scientists and scientific endeavors.

San Antonio de Padua ( Anthony of Padua )- of finding lost objects, for a good husband and for good fortune.

San Brendan ( Brendan ) of sailors and navigators.

Santa Barbara (Barbara) of gunners, miners, geologists and protection from lightning.

San Bernardo ( Bernard )- of hikers, skiers, beekeepers and candle makers

Santa Catalina de Bologna ( Catherine of Bologna )- of artists and craftsmen.

Santa Catalina de Siena ( Catherine of Sienna ) of nursing, health care and intelligent women.

Santa Cecilia ( Cecilia )- of music and musicians.

Santa Clara { Claire )- of sewing and needlework.

San Cristobal ( Christopher) of travelers and protection from accidents and muggers.

Santa Dortea ( Dorothy ) of fruit and nut tree growers.

San Dunstan ( Dunstan ) of jewelers and metalworkers.

Santa Dymfna ( Dymphna ) of psychologists, psychiatrists and for good mental health.

San Expedito ( Expedito ) for good luck, abundance in the home and against procrastination.

Santa Elizabeth ( Elizabeth) of rose growers, bakers and charities.

San Fiacre ( Fiacre )- of herb and vegetable gardens, cabdrivers and pottery making.

San Francisco de Asis ( Francis of Assisi )- of the garden, small animals and human kindness.

San Francisco de Sales ( Francis of Sales ) of writers, journalists and editors.

San Gregorio ( Gregory )- of teachers and singers.

San Gabriel ( Gabriel )- of good communications, T.V. telephones and computers.

San Genesius I ( Genesius )- of secretaries and scribes.

San Genesius ll (Genesius )-of actors and theater.

Santiago ( James )- of Spain, soldiers and pilgrims.

San Jose ( Joseph ) of the home, fathers, woodworkers and for good jobs.

San Joachin (Joaquin )- of grandfathers

San Judas Tadeo ( Jude )- of desperate cases and lost causes.

Santa Joan de Arc ( Joan of Arc )- of soldiers, France and fighting women.

San Lucas ( Luke )- of physicians, surgeons, glassblowers, painters and brewers.

Santa Lucia ( Lucy )- of optometrists, ophthalmologists and for good eyesight

San Lorenzo ( Lawrence )- of restaurants, pasta, candy makers and dieters.

Santa Monica (Monica)-of distressed mothers and for getting a good night sleep.

San Mateo ( Matthew )- of bankers, accountants, and businessmen

Santa Marta ( Martha) of hostesses, good cooking and entertaining,

Santa Maria ( Mary )- of mothers and all of life.

San Martin de Porres ( Martin of Porres )- of veterinarians, hairdressers and love of animals.

San Martin de Tours ( Martin of Tours) of tailors, sewing and garment workers

San Miguel ( Michael ) of radiologists, law enforcement and grocery stores.

San Nicholas ( Nicholas ) of Christmas, boys, bakers, brides and pawnbrokers.

Santo Niño de Atocha ( Child of Atocha ) protection against accidents and of politicians and prisoners.

San Patricio ( Patrick ) of the Irish, organic gardening and against snakes.

San Pascual ( Pascual ) of kitchens, cooks, finding lost domestic animals.

San Phocus ( Phocus ) of ornamental gardening and men who like to garden

San Rafael ( Raphael ) of friendships, good marriages, good health and against blindness.

San Ramon ( Raymond ) of keeping secrets and obstetrics.

Santa Rita ( Rita ) of impossible tasks and oil wells.

San Roc ( Roque ) of dog lovers and dermatologists.

Santo Tomas ( Thomas the Apostle )- of architects and builders.

Santo Tomas Aquinas ( Thomas Aquinas ) of scholars and students.

Santo Tomas More (Thomas More ) of lawyers and judges and law students.

Santa Teresa Avila ( Theresa of Avila )- of aviation, pilots and against headaches.

Santa Teresa Liseaux ( Theresa of L. "the Little Flower" ) of flower growers, sellers and of mystics.

San Urban ( Urban ) of wine lovers, vineyards, wine producers and sellers.

San Ysidro ( Isadore )- of farmers, large gardens, of good land deals and of sheepherders.