Susi Nagoda-Bergquist's

Coyote's War Horse

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Coyote’s War Horse

Coyote’s Was Horse is influenced by the typical ledger drawings showing preparation  scenes of  war.

Coyote, who considers himself a great warrior, but is a better lady’s man , would certainly have had a

number of pictures of himself,  with his best and fanciest War Horse in his own personal ledger

book.  Unfortunately his ledger book has been lost to history, therefore as an artist who cannot say

no to a thought, no matter how bizarre, I have endeavored to recount some of Coyote’s favorite war

scenes.  This one is of a War Horse and special “War Stuff”.  Coyote, however probably never gets

to the battle as he is so busy admiring himself and his great looking horse!

This linocut was run in  a hand pulled edition of 40 print by the artist.

Coyote Teaches Man to Lie

One day Coyote was going along when he came to a village where the people owned a beautiful white

buffalo horse.   Coyote decided that he needed this horse, so he went into the village and said to the

people, "I will teach you people to lie in exchange for that white buffalo horse."

the people had never heard of lying, so they quickly agreed to Coyotes request.

First, Coyote said he had to try the horse out first.   He jumped on the horse, and as he settled

himself on his back, he poked the horse with his claws, making the horse jump.   "Hey!   This horse

needs a blanket to be ridden!"  he exclaimed.

So the people went off to get Coyote their best blanket for the horse.  When they returned,

Coyote again said that he must test the horse.   He leaped onto the horse, and again poked him

making him buck.

"This horse needs a saddle before I can teach you to lie'"   Coyote told the people, who were already

searching for their best saddle.   When they returned, Coyote again jumped on the horse, poking him

and making him jump.   "Oh!"   Coyote exclaimed, "This horse needs a bridle, too."

So the people ran off to get a bridle.   When they came back, Coyote jumped on the horse, kicked

him and went galloping off, shouting over his shoulder to the people, "Hey!  That is how you lie!"