Susi Nagoda-Bergquist's

Pow Wow Coyote

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Pow Wow Coyote

This is a typical ledger style drawing, done in a linocut.  It shows Coyote in his Ceremonial best,

especially to impress the ladies.

When the old ledger books were kept, many warriors drew pictures of themselves bested in their

best clothing.  Many times these pictures were the same as signatures, and the author/artist would

always include himself in the same clothing.

Pow Wow Coyote was hand pulled edition of 23 by artist, Susi Nagoda Bergquist.

*The plains warriors considered the ledger books to be record of their exploits, and therefore

possessors of great power. They usually represented their ill doings, ( horse stealing, raids,

murders, thieves', love affairs, hunting, best clothing and social happenings) in their ledger books.

Unfortunately the military learned this, and found the ledger books useful as  evidence against in

trials of these warriors for criminal acts.  This was possible because they were easily identifiable

by their clothing, as it was their signature.