Susi Nagoda-Bergquist's

Coyote Saves The People

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Coyote Saves the People

Coyote was riding his horse along returning to his village, when off in the distance he saw a skinny

man, dressed all in black with a big top hat, sitting on a rock.   As he rode closer, he could see that it

wasn't a man at all, but was really a well dressed skeleton.

"Hello Coyote!" called the man "How are you doing today?  Your looking pretty healthy, I see"

"Hello friend.  What is you name?" Coyote asked

"My name is Small Pox.  You know, I was just traveling along here looking for your village.   Somehow

I got side-tracked, and now I'm not sure which way to go.  Could  you be so kind as to point me in the

right direction?"

"Oh!   I have just come from my village," lied Coyote," and I was out going hunting."

"Thank you Coyote," Small Pox said, rising.  "I'll probably see you again, then." and with that he

started off down the path.

Coyote quickly rode home to his village.  He gathered up all his people and they moved camp far from

where he had talked to Small Pox, thus saving his people from him.

This reduction linocut was run in a hand pulled edition of 24 by the artist, Susi Nagoda Bergquist.