Susi Nagoda-Bergquist's

Coyote and The Duck Girls

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Coyote and the Duck Girls

One day Coyote sees a lot of ducks and it makes him hungry just looking at them.  So he devises a

plan to put them at ease so he can capture  and eat them.  He goes up to the ducks dancing along and

singing to himself.  The ducks all look at him and wonder what he is doing.  He tells them that he is

singing and dancing because it make him feel really good and best of all brings him good luck.  The

ducks show interest and want to learn the dance.  Coyote teaches them and they start dancing along

and singing.  They are so preoccupied that he is able to pick them off, one by one for his dinner, all

except one smart little duck, who only looses he tail feathers as she flies away.  That is why today

ducks have short tails.

This is a retold version of a Plains tale.

Coyote and the Duck Girls was hand printed in an edition of 36.