Susi Nagoda-Bergquist's

Sunday Coyote

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Sunday Coyote

Sunday Coyote is a typical ledger style drawing, done in a linocut.  It shows Coyote in his Sunday

best, with his most outrageous umbrella parading for all (especially the ladies) to see.

When the old ledger books were kept, and later on in the ledger style drawing that came from the

imprisoned plains warriors*, they often showed parade scenes. Later when prisoners, they were

commissioned by the wives of the officers to draw scenes of prison life on the military bases, as the

wives were quite fond of the primitive ledger style.  Many parade scene are shown in these

prisoners‘ art work.  No doubt Coyote would have been just as foolish in his record keeping and

implicated himself in many a “crime” and ended up as prison artist.

*The plains warriors considered the ledger books to be record of their exploits, and therefore

possessors of great power. They usually represented their ill doings, ( horse stealing, raids,

murders, thieves', love affairs, hunting and social happenings) in their ledger books.  Unfortunately

the military learned this, and found the ledger books useful as  evidence against in trials of these


Sunday Coyote was hand pulled edition of 34 by artist, Susi Nagoda Bergquist.