Susi Nagoda-Bergquist's

Star Love

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Star Love

Star love is influenced by the typical ledger drawings showing courting scenes of warriors suiting

young ladies.  Coyote, who was more of a lady’s man than a warrior, would certainly have had a number

of courting pictures of all his loves in his own personal ledger book.  Unfortunately his ledger book

has been lost to history, therefore as an artist who cannot say no to a thought, no matter how

bizarre, I have endeavored to recount some of Coyote’s Love scenes.  This one is “Star Girl and

Coyote”, one of his more unfortunate love experiences.   From this experience Coyote learned very

little except it can get very cold in the heavens and stars have no soul.  Also even today when you

hear the coyotes out in the hills howling and yipping, it is because of this sad love affair gone wrong.

Star Love is done in an edition of 34 hand pulled prints by artist, Susi Nagoda Bergquist.