Susi Nagoda-Bergquist's

Coyote and Sirius

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Coyote and Sirius

One evening Coyote sat on a hill watching the stars rise.  He noticed a very bright and twinkling star.

He thought to himself, “How beautiful that star is, I think I will try to get a better look.”

So off he went to a higher hill for a better look.  Each night he climbed higher, and each night he

came closer, until one night he could see the star so clearly, that he realized it was a beautiful

woman.  He could see her dancing with her sparkling clothing swaying

as she moved.  He fell in love.

The next night he stood on the high, high hill, as  the Star Girl rose he grabbed her hand and rose

with her into the sky.  They danced and dance, but never spoke. Coyote had a really good time.  Then

it started to get cold.  It got colder and colder.  Coyote realized he was freezing to death.  He tried

to pull away from his new love, but she would not let go.  He realized that  the Star Girl was staring

into the distant sky and totally unaware of his presence and worse, she did not love him!

He pulled  and he screamed.  He howled and he kicked.  He yipped and he struggled. Finally, with all

of his might he threw himself into the night sky and fell to earth.

Today it is possible to see the tremendous hole he left when he hit the earth , called Crater Lake,

located in Oregon.  It is also possible at night to  hear all of Coyote dependents howling in the night

telling of their lost love, the Star Girl, Sirius.

Coyote and Sirius is an edition of 44 hand pulled prints.